Imagine ... Being able to change the way people live in their homes, leaving them with the gift of Beauty, Comfort, Motivation and Renewal simply by re-arranging the contents that already exist within their households! At Hemlock Road Design we specialize in the art of “Visual Coordination”.  We are only one of a few Interior Design firms on the east coast that specializes in the technique. The technique focuses on the rooms shape, focal point and architectural features to determine the placement of furniture, art and accessories in the best possible combination. Using the pieces already contained in the home, they are arranged in a way that creates a new look and chemistry in the room.  Without the need for additional purchases, Visual Coordination dramatically enhances the look of the homeowners interior making the most of what they already have.  Most interiors are products of years of accumulating and collecting.   Hemlock Road Design can “see” the pieces without judgment, mixing and matching to dramatically enhance the living space. . With our Visual Coordination service, redesigning a home is affordable and effective for various clientele, from apartment dwellers and condo owners to those residing in single-family homes.  The unique Visual Coordination Technique has been featured in “Real Estate Journal”, HOME Magazine, DECOR Magazine as well as many others.